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Container & Cargo Dry



Dry-Packs® Container & Cargo Dry

Dry-Packs® Container & Cargo Dry: Fight against "Container Rain" with our two types of Container & Cargo Dry: 4.5LB (2KG) Bag with Hanging Hook and our 3.25LB (1.5KG) Adhesive Strip Pack. Protect against mold, mildew, corrosion, and odors in your freight container shipments utilizing our highly absorbent Container & Cargo Dry-Packs!

Item Description Dimension * Cov Area Qty./ Bag Qty./Price Qty./Price Qty./Price Qty./Price Qty./Price Qty. Add to cart
Container & Cargo Dry
33 LBS Container & Cargo Dry Strip Pack
0 1+/CA$292.09 2+/CA$285.74 4+/CA$278.75 12+/CA$266.69 40+/CA$253.99
4.5 LBS Container & Cargo Dry Desiccant With Hook
20CM x 25CM x 6.5CM 1 1+/CA$50.79 3+/CA$45.71 10+/CA$41.90 20+/CA$35.55 40+/CA$31.74
300 Gram Desiccant Packet With Adhesive Backing
0 1+/CA$22.85 3+/CA$19.04 9+/CA$15.21 80+/CA$12.67 160+/CA$10.13
600 Gram Desiccant Packet With Adhesive Backing
1 1+/CA$36.82 3+/CA$31.74 9+/CA$27.93 80+/CA$22.85 160+/CA$18.99
* The amount of Silica Gel (Desiccant) required will depend upon several factors including: the chemical characteristics of the product, volume contents of container, physical properties of the container, and conditions in which container will be stored/used.